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Off The Beaten Path: Unique Experiences in Downtown Sudbury

If you're reading this right now, than there's a part of you that seeks adventure and is always striving to try something new. Luckily for you, Downtown Sudbury has a few hidden gems that will light your fires and get you excited!


Axe Throwing

Peddler's pub has one of the coolest activities tucked away downtown - an axe throwing lounge! Don't let the idea scare you, it's all safe and controlled and is a great way to blow off some steam or get competitive with friends! Sometimes you just want to feel like a warrior, and this is definitely the place to do it!


Tuesday Night Trivia

This one's for the people looking for a way to itch their brain and get those juices flowing. Tuesday Night Trivia at The Townehouse Tavern is the perfect activity that combines the elements of relaxation with a mental workout - and of course tons of fun. There's a new theme each week, which lets you show your stuff and fire off those facts about that random topic you know everything about (we've all got one). Oh, and there's great beer... need we say more?


Speed Dating

Coming to a cafe near you! Speed dating is one of those things that we all secretly want to try... and now you can. Will it be a bit weird? Yes. Will it potentially be fruitless? Yes. However, you may also meet a lover, a new friend or just have a great time! In the age of social media, meeting new people can be a challenge, so we welcome any opportunity to do so! Plus, there will be cocktails to help you shake those jitters off! Check out Kuppajo's website to get your tickets!


The Night Owl

Maybe your version of exciting is finding something secret that most people don't know about. If that sounds like you, then you need to wander into The Night Owl is a hidden restaurant and lounge modeled after a prohibition era speakeasy. It boasts dimly light lighting and elevated decor that set the mood and transport you to another era. The dress code is business casual, so dress to impress when you come in to experience this exclusive, hidden gem.


Bollywood Night

If you're looking to be transported to somewhere new entirely - Bollywood night is making it's way to the downtown core to give you just that! Enjoy the ultimate dance party at The Grand, with delicious Indian food, music, and tons of people. Celebrating the end of the school year, this is bound to be a party to remember!


These are just a few of the interesting things that happen in the downtown community... which one are you headed to first?

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