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Season Of The Wolves

Downtown Sudbury has always been Wolf Nation. Home of the Sudbury Wolves OHL hockey team, our community has cheered and supported The Wolves for decades. The Sudbury Wolves are an iconic symbol of community, friendship, courage and strength in our neighborhood.

This year, the team was on fire early on in the season with exciting game wins and a ferocious hunger for success that the entire community could feel. Following that hunger, this week begins their first round playoff run that we hope will go all the way.

The community togetherness that The Sudbury Wolves inspire is what prompted the creation of “Hangin’ With Howler” – a campaign aimed at bringing hockey fans out of the arena and into the businesses in our downtown core. The Downtown Sudbury team in partnership with The Wolves and their cheeky mascot Howler, have been out and about around downtown, making appearances at The Sudbury Market, Kuppajo Espresso Bar, and Serendipity Day Spa as well as many others.

Not only has Howler's presence been welcomed by the community; many people often stopping to say hello and give a high-five or a hug to the giant walking wolf, but he’s also left behind something to show where he’s been. Howler’s Picks stickers can be found in participating businesses downtown signifying his favorites amongst the businesses menu or services.

If you’ve missed out on spotting Howler around town, he will be back with the Downtown Sudbury team on Saturday, April 6th, at The Sudbury Market! There will be balloons, giveaways, and the chance to hang out with the mascot we all love so much – Howler!

We wish The Sudbury Wolves the best of luck in their 2024 playoff run! 

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